Happenings in The Walz House

Last week I went into single mom mode with Brad out of town for 7 days and found free time a very limited thing.  Lucky for us (well really I should say me), hand/foot/mouth cleared up so Everett was given the green light to do back to daycare.  This mommy took full advantage of daycare, without throwing him in to the fire full time just yet…that comes next week.  I had numerous appointments, yoga classes to use up on my membership about to expire, house to clean, a classroom to get ready, a dog to give attention to (Brad usually does this), etc.  You get the picture because like any mom out there can contest to…we are busy 24/7/365!

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Busy Bee

So today was a day filled with Pins! I was able to accomplish 3 pins. Sometime it is not the accomplishing that takes all the work, it is the blogging afterwards. I am in the process of getting ready for a friends baby shower tomorrow so I am going to step away from my computer with all you pinadvised readers hanging. I will say I was able to create 1 recipe, 1 party idea and 1 art project! Guess you will have to check back tomorrow for a full report.

Happy Hump Day 🙂

Calling all Pinadvised Readers

Is there a pin on Pinterest that you would love to make but just don’t have the supplies or maybe the time to try it out?  Well…..you are in luck! Please feel free to leave me a message or comment if there is something you really want to see me try out and describe the process for you.  Heck maybe I will even send it to you 🙂

You can also follow me on Pinterest and every time you find something you want me to try just @britniwalz in the comment section on the pin.

Thanks for being a dedicated pinadvised reader!

Happy Reading! 🙂


Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers. My husband and I are headed to wine country for a good friends wedding! I will be back at the pinadvising on Monday but I have been working on some things.

Below is a preview of the cupcakes that I had pinned to make for our one year wedding anniversary….they are a teaser of what is to come.



Hello world!

After the harsh realization that, “My name is Britni and I am addicted to Pinterest” and that what seems like every conversation starts with “Guess what I found on Pinterest”, my husband urged me to do something with this newly found addiction.  I am a high school science teacher and often find myself wondering if certain pins work (especially the ones with chemicals involved) , how much they “really” cost and how long will it take an average pinner.  As a teacher, we tend to have SOME free time in the summer so…..I have decided to venture into a life of pinning and advising on the accuracy and all things in between on my pins.