Happenings in The Walz House

Last week I went into single mom mode with Brad out of town for 7 days and found free time a very limited thing.  Lucky for us (well really I should say me), hand/foot/mouth cleared up so Everett was given the green light to do back to daycare.  This mommy took full advantage of daycare, without throwing him in to the fire full time just yet…that comes next week.  I had numerous appointments, yoga classes to use up on my membership about to expire, house to clean, a classroom to get ready, a dog to give attention to (Brad usually does this), etc.  You get the picture because like any mom out there can contest to…we are busy 24/7/365!

Brad usually leaves every year for Atlanta on business this week and I have grown to know this.  However, this year was not easy dealing with a VERY, VERY crazy 15+ month year old.  This age is like they are always “on” and there is always something to get into.  Don’t get me wrong, I do really love this age (and just about every age he has been at) but this one is truly more exhausting as I am sure they just keep getting more and more exhausting.

This trip brings back great memories and it is nice to stop and reflect on what happened 2 years ago……I remember that day well, I had golfed all day with a college friend, enjoyed beers with elderly golfers afterwards and had a dance party with my soon to be sister-in-laws.  When I finally crawled into my bed (far too late or early in the am, however you look at it), I noticed something very strange…my dog, Scout, snuggling with me.  That doesn’t happen! So after thinking about it, I just knew that meant one thing…..I was PREGNANT! Don’t ask why that was my first thought, but it was.  He not only was snuggling with me but he was snuggling on my belly.  So I jumped up and decided I needed to test, even though it was way too early for any test to read positive.  Well to my dismay, it was positive..it was flippin’ positive.  HOLY COW! we were going to be a family of three.  Unfortunately, I could not share my excited with my husband because he was currently 30,000 feet up.   Well fast forward 2 years and that brings one crazy household, one that is full of toys spilling out in every square foot and a child chasing around a dog.  I wouldn’t change a single thing as I look around. 

Well this week was suppose to be about organizing the unfinished basement to make a temporary guest room so that the guest bedroom upstairs could be made into a play room, to help the toys spilling out situation.  Yep that didn’t happen because life happened and I would much rather enjoy that then spend my time in an overfilled/unorganized basement.  But I must add, I did get my things organized into garage sale piles, donate piles and throw pile and that feels great.  Brad stuff on the other hand….

So what happenings took place last week?  Park, swimming, walks, story times, and much more.  But one thing is for sure, I did WAAAAYYY too much online shopping after Everett went to bed.  I discovered the world of Instagram shopping/auction wars for children’s clothes.  If you haven’t heard of it, neither had I but I am officially addicted.  See all you have to do is be the first one to comment with your email address on the picture of which ever article of clothing you want and it is yours.  So for 2 hours, I laid on the couch refreshing a sellers Instagram page, waiting for the next item to be posted.  See the sellers will post preview pictures to get you excited about what they are selling and give you the time and date they will be posting.  Lucky for me, it was a Saturday night at 8:30 and I currently don’t have a life after my child goes to bed.  I just knew I was going to score big.  Those TOMS, adorable Ikat picture little hipster leggings and organic print T-shirt were MINE.  Well after the adrenaline kick and newly formed arthritis to my index finger from refreshing my phone every few seconds (I actually already have arthritis in that finger but that’s a whole different story), I was able to score the TOMS for 10 and the leggings for 8 (that is the price with shipping).  I was only 4 secs from the T-shirt, DAM IT! Oh well… next seller, next time.   See picture below for my fabulous wins! WHOOP WHOOP! I have started following a number of different pages that are frequent baby item sellers.  If you would like you can follow my instagram page: bosuldsen. But just a warning, I share A LOT of pictures of Everett 🙂

unnamed (9)

Other late night online shopping purchases, my paypal is overworked!


Little Boss Shop– 28.00 (I got it 25% off)


Tinybabysoles– Etsy shop: 27.00


Kate and James– 24.00

Everett will be one stylist little hipster dude!

Other happenings:

We are building a reading Tee-Pee, a blog post to come and the process.  But I am so excited for how adorable this is going to be! The picture below is the template/pattern using blank fabric before we tried with the bought fabric.  Everett loves it already.  I am so excited to share the finish product with you soon.  Fabric comes on Wednesday 🙂

unnamed (10)

I also decided to repurpose an Ikea side table that we never use into a chalkboard table, guess organizing the basement turned out something functional again.  I have hopes this will be put into a future playroom, if we ever finish that basement organization!  I found Martha Stewart chalkboard paint we had used to paint the box that contained blue balloons to announce we were having a boy.  I have included that picture just because it was a special moment for us.  But chalkboard paint is expensive so if you want to make your own (especially if you are repurposing a larger table) here is the link to my DIY chalkboard paint! Although I hope this doesn’t teach Everett it is ok to draw on all tables…hhhhmmmm.

BEFORE                                                                                                              AFTER 

unnamed (11)IMG_5346


Note that the gender reveal photo came from YET another idea from Pinterest.  What would we ever do without Pinterest 😉

All in all it was a great but busy week.  Now it is that time of the year again, back to school.  As both a teacher and student! I am returning to school in pursue of my administration license in a graduate program at Viterbo University.  So lots of stuff happening in our lives right now. 

Happy Monday 🙂









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