Nursery Organization

When we first found out we were having a baby there was so much joy and nervousness rolled into one, fellow parents you now that feeling.  I mean how can someone have all those feelings at one time! Holy cow, talk about emotional overload.  We got pregnant right away and looking back on the time of year Everett was born, it was perfect (definitely noted for #2).  But number 2 won’t be happening anytime soon, even though Everett was an incredibly easy baby and has been a joy-filled toddler, it is hard for me to imagine 2 kids right now.  I am enjoying my time with Everett and trying to not screw up this parenting thing.  Plus I really enjoy my sleep and sanity, and I am just not ready to give those up just yet.  Ask me again in a year and I might be saying otherwise.  Do you want to know how hard it is to type this with a 15 month old attempting to pound the keyboard? I almost left all the p’s and -‘s that were randomly inserted into this post but I figured for reading purposes, I should probably take them out.

Everett has been an absolute blessing and has brought us so much joy! Being a mother is the most rewarding thing and in ways that is hard to put into words.  Yes there are days when you are covered in droll, snot, pee on the floor and a toddler that is uncomfortably fussy..oh wait that was yesterday! Currently, Everett is cutting his 4 eye teeth, has hand/foot/mouth and has a double ear infection.  The pee on the floor comes from attempting to potty train the last week and a half and letting him run around naked.  That is a whole blog for another day.  See every mom goes through periods of times when you think you are doing everything right and times when you think you are doing everything worry.  I like to think we are doing some things right, and one of those things is….potty training a 15 month old BOY.  Granted we are not batting 1000, we are probably somewhere at a .45 average.  I will take that seeing as how that is usually adverting 2 poopy diapers a day!

Anyways…parenting can be so rewarding but at times stressful with everything going on and making sure you aren’t screwing things up to badly.  One thing that we have found that saves time and sanity is being organized and having a schedule. I know schedules are not for every baby and all parents but with Everett, it has been a life saver.  Meals, naps, and even poops are usually around the same time every day (which makes going on the potty chair a little easier).  I take a lot of parenting tips from Brining Up BeBe (totally recommend for all parents)! She had great advice about getting babies to “do their nights” and I must say Everett was sleeping 6+ hours a night at 3 weeks and in his own crib mind you.  But all babies are different, what works for one may not work for the next.  We just found something that works for us and more importantly, Everett.  Daycare has done at great job of getting him on the 8:30, 11:30 meal time with a 12:00 naptime.  And this makes the world a much better place for EVERYONE!

The other sanity saving MUST for our family is being organized.  From the time I was getting Everett’s nursery ready, I knew I HAD to find ways to make things easier, especially at 2 am.



These were the 2 photos I found on Pinterest that instantly caught my eye in terms of organization.  See it is true about what they say when it comes to “nesting”.  I felt like I took on a whole new OCD with organization.  To bad this didn’t transcend throughout the house and just feel dead at the door of Everett’s nursery.  In any case, I was on a mission to copying these beautifully organized drawers.  And those pictures were a must too!

Everett’s Nursery: I know, I know…copying cat nursery


IMG_5215These are nice because I was able to sort by sizes and by style (short vs. long sleeve)





Dresser: Ikea-$229.00

Drawer organizer: Ikea-$7.99

Pictures on wall of giraffe and elephant: avintageposter-$28.49 (custom order)

Frames: CB2-$39.95

Light: Target-$19.99

Bookshelves: my very talented dad (made to order in any style/color/design)  Just message for details and pricing

Bedding: my very talented mom (made to order in any style/color/design) Just message for details and pricing

Chevron puff: my very talented mom (made to order in any style/color/design) Just message for details and pricing

*******side note, my parents are amazingly gifted at what they do for hobbies, their grandchildren are so blessed! I honestly have given my mom multiple Pinterest ideas and she can whip anything out.  She has made DIY baby TOMS, the puff, bedding, changing pad cover, bowties and onesies, etc.  You find something and she will create it, just message her!….Ok selfish plug over :)*********************

Giraffe: Melissa & Doug,– $80.99

Rocking chair:$499.00


The other key to organization is making sure the diaper bag is organized at ALL TIMES! I may not take my own advice from time to time but honestly, it makes the world of difference.  And I am sure if that baby number 2 comes around, I am going to be wishing I would have organized old clothes, bibs, socks, etc. into monthly bins (I tried but some are royally messed up).

I think up next is a complete dinner made out of zucchini! Already getting excited about trying out all my new Pins on my recipe board.  It has been awhile since I tried one out.

I leave you with a little preview of what’s to come:


Happy Organizing 🙂



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