It is that time of the month……..Stitch Fix Friday! Once a month I sit patiently waiting for the arrival of a little box filled with adorable clothes.  If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix this is how it works:

1.  You go to stitchfix.com and sign up for an account (please see below about this referral link not working yet).  When you sign up for your account you are asked detailed questions about yourself and your personal style.  I want to stress that you don’t have to enter in your credit card information at this point.  You are simply taking you “style profile quiz”.  They really want to know about your likes and dislikes with fashion so it is best to fill it out completely!

HOW TO GET THE BEST FIX? My best advice is to create a killer Pinterest board and pin all your fashion must haves (most of you probably already have this type of a board).  Make sure to link this board to your stitch fix profile! My stylists always are commenting about the pins on my board, so I know they truly listen.  Also, don’t be afraid to tell them EXACTLY what you want! I had a wedding and asked for all lace dresses and VIOLA that is exactly what I got.  You can even tell them who your style icon is or even if you have luck with one stylist, request them all the time on your style profile.  And most important: BE HONEST ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!

unnamed (6)

2. Pick a date that you want your stitch fix to arrive.  IMPORTANT: this company has very recently found a lot of success so at times this date might be pretty far out…best advice is to schedule monthly fixes.  You DON’T always have to get them monthly though.  You can choose to skip a month but I found it works best if you do this during the set up of your account.  I have had friends that will receive their first fix and go to schedule a second and they can’t get it for two months.

3. You will be asked for your credit card information but will not be billed until your first fix has shipped.  At this time, you are ONLY billed $20.  This is to cover shipping costs both to and from.  But if you keep something from you fix, this 20 is credited toward your purchase.

4.  You will receive a box of 5 goodies and I promise you, it will be just like Christmas morning! You get to try on all the clothes (in the comfort of you own home) and lets be honest ladies, our own MIRRORS! You know what I am talking about, there are some dressing rooms that have mirrors and lighting that make you look killer and there are some that make you want to go run 5 miles and drink nothing but smoothies for days.

5.  You get a personalized message from your stylist and see the way they would style the outfits (see mine above, but they also include pictures!).  You decide what you like (to keep) and what you don’t like (send back).  All for $20… well until you decide what you want.  That 20 dollars you spent a few days back to get the box to your doorsteps is now credit towards whatever you keep.  So lets say I decided to keep one shirt that is $48 and send the rest back.  My card will be charged the extra $28 when I check out online and my box arrives back at Stitchfix.  You get three days to decided and try on again and again before you have to send stuff back.  If you choose to keep all 5 items you get a 25% discount off your entire purchase.

I know, I know…you probably have so many questions about prices, how it works, sizes, returns, etc.  They cover all those details on their website.

My first fix, my package was delivered to the wrong address and Stitchfix was going to send me a new one at no cost to myself! Talk about great customer service! My neighbor three doors down ended up bringing it over a few days later. Talk about a crisis situation in our house.

I am on my 8th stitch fix today and have loved every month of getting these boxes.  We just lost our GAP and they replaced it with the GAP outlet and it just isn’t the same.  So this is perfect with no other places around for young professionals to shop.  Plus I really don’t want to show up to school wearing the same shirt as a high school student.


unnamed (5)

 The 5 pieces:

Just Black: Nolan Ankle Skinny Jean-58.00 & 41Hawthorn: Trinidad Chevron Print Henley Blouse-48.00


Thoughts: I love Chevron and loose blouses right now! They fit perfect (still have a small amount of baby fat still to get rid of).  The color of this print is a blue and it is perfect.  This shirt would be great with skinny dress pants and a statement necklace for work and jeans or shorts for play. I already have a pair of white skinny jeans that I hardly wear so I think I am sending back the jeans.  I am on the fence about the top.  Your thoughts?

Loveapella: Kaci Abstract Chevron Swing Skirt-58.00


Thoughts: I love the print of this skirt and the feel of the fabric.  It is very, very light and comfortable.  I really wish I had more skirts like this in my closet for teaching and just out to the store.  They are quick and simple to dress up or even dress down with just a plain t-shirt.  The length was perfect as it fell just above the knees and that is my comfort level for teaching.  I am thinking this is a must keep…thoughts?

Market and Spruce: Dash Button-Front Chambray Shirt-78.00


Thoughts: OK I didn’t love this shirt at first but it is growing on me! I love tunic style shirts and maybe if I added this one to my closet, I would wear my white jeans more.  This shirt is so functionally for work and just around the house.  I would wear this to work with a colored skinny dress pant or even black with a statement necklace and matching flats.  The fabric is unique, it is almost a soft jean.  It is very comfortable! Also shown in picture, the white skinny jeans.  I know 78.00 for a shirt….should I keep for the price ?

Kut From the Kloth: Raelynn Open Knit Sweater-58.00


Thoughts:  I really like this shirt but my husband HATES it 😦 Which is completely a bummer.  I would never buy this shirt in a store, more or less even try it on but that is the beauty with Stitchfix, it allows you to try on things like this and go outside of your fashion box! I still might keep this and just wear it out and about and not teaching or in a professional setting.  Thoughts? Would you wear this in a professional setting?

Overall, this was one of my favorite fixes! I loved how the pieces made me feel and I also liked the price point on most of the pieces.  You can set this to whatever you feel comfortable with.  Most things I put in “as cheap as possible”.  If I keep all five items I would be a total of 300 but you get 25% off so that brings it down to 230 plus the 20 style fee so 210.00.  And the beauty of this company, they rely on referrals to keep their business going so every friend you refer, you get 25.00 credit! How awesome is that!!! SOOO if I kept all five items I would be spending a total of $185.00!!! Stitchfix is a great program and who doesn’t love getting clothes in the mail by a PERSONAL stylist! So what are you waiting for, give it a try today. 

Note: I don’t get paid by Stitchfix, I just love this company and the idea behind what they do.  Plus it is great to refer friends and hear them all talk about it at parties and get togethers and the 25.00 credit is a nice bonus.   Use the following link to give Stitch Fix a try, you won’t regret it 🙂

Happy Friday!!!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “#stitchfixfriday

  1. Love your blog! Thanks for introducing me to Stitch Fix! How do I make sure you get my referral credit for doing such a great job explaining it!?

    • Cait,
      Thanks for the wonderful comment! Very good question…currently my credit referral isn’t working and I have an email out to Stitch Fix to fix it for me so you can use my referral link. This must have been the reason I didn’t get credit for another girlfriends fix so all I had to do was email stitch fix with her name and they gave me the 25.00 credit. If you sign up for stitch fix because of reading my blog post or facebook link, then please email me or post your name (I won’t make this public) and I will have to send stitch fix another email.
      Or you can wait til I get it all fixed and I will post an updated link soon and update my blog that it has been fixed.

  2. I found I liked the Raelynn sweater a lot once I figured out how to style it. For me it looked cute with a black tank like yours, with dark jeans and a scarf or dramatic gold toned jewelry. The color is a little dull so it’s really how you play off it. I got the denim shirt you did and returned it; it looks much cuter on you than it did on me!

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