DIY Decorations

Over the past two years, I have helped/or thrown a few parties.  Before party planning begins, I always follow a few simple steps: open Pinterest, click create board and start searching for ideas that would help complete the look of the theme.  I must admit those “more pins that are similar to the one you click on” are so AMAZING.  Although, then it sucks me in to a hyperlink trail that often ends with a plethora of pins that gets my head spinning.  My biggest DIY party planning adventure was for our son’s first birthday, and GOLDEN birthday! My husband doesn’t seem to think golden birthdays are a things but as someone who is born at the very end of the month and has not had that golden birthday yet, I think they count.  Growing up I remember parents going all out for their kids golden birthdays and knowing I wouldn’t get that chance for a VERY, VERY long time.  Oh My that means I am that much closer to the big 3-0!

I know Everett won’t remember his 1st birthday nor probably care about all the photos snapped that day to capture all the special moments but as a mother and this being our first child, I care.

Well out for a run with my girlfriend and discussing starting to blog again (well more like one word every few breathes and in between huffy and puffy), I found myself thinking about all the ways that I have used Pinterest over the past two years, because after all that is the purpose of this blog.  Going to my Pinterest I noticed some of my recent boards include: C+Z shower, Everett’s 1st birthday… so maybe I haven’t taken that much of a break at all.

So I decided to include some of a few DIY party decorations that have really been a hit over the past two year:

DIY garland

  • The inspiration







Picture on the left: Pinterest inspiration for my cousin’s pink and gold bridal shower and middle & right: Target garland for Everett’s 1st birthday ($7.99)

  • The process

For my son’s first birthday we threw a little misters party and I had gone with the colors green and blue so finding the garland at Target was perfect for the day.  Unfortunately, our party store was closed before throwing both of the above parties so I was VERY limited in the decorations I could find.  Most decorations for the bridal shower and birthday were DIY, thank you Pinterest!  I really liked the look of the tissue paper garland so decided to make my own.  Overall, it was fairly easy once I got into the swing of things and ended up being A LOT cheaper as well.  If you have a craft cutting board and cutter it makes it even easier!  Plus, you can use what ever colored tissue paper you need/can find! Perfect for the finishing touches on any party.  The only tissue paper I could find was Christmas themed paper 🙂

1. Fold the tissue paper in half.







2. Fold again, in the opposite direction.


3. Cut strips going toward the fold.  Make sure to leave 1 in-1.5 in at the top for the twist later.


4. Unfold the cut tissue paper at the top fold (see picture on the left).  Starting at one of the ends roll the middle along the fold on itself (see picture on the right).  I liked to stop after a few rolls to make sure to straighten out the cut strips.


5. The picture on the left shows what it will look like after you finish step 4.  The next step is to twist the rolled middle like you are ringing out a wet towel.  Try and make this as thin as possible, it will make the next step easier.


6. There will be a nature twist back on itself once you finished step 5.  Let it naturally twist around and this will leave the cut strips together and facing downward.  Give a final twist around so that you are left with a closed loop at the top of the garland.


VIOLA!!! Now to make as more and string them together using any type of string.


  • The finished product


















Highchair Decorations

  • The inspiration


  • The process

This one was fairly easy, I just simply used different types of ribbon cut to similar lengths.  Once cut, the strips of ribbon were tied around the main string, measured to fit around the high chair.  I also used burlap triangles that I found at Hobby Lobby and hole punched the corners to string through matching string.  I repurposed those same triangles using pink paint to make a MRS sign for the bridal shower!

  • The finished product


unnamed (2)unnamed

Check out WildJuniperBaby on Etsy for Everett’s adorable bowtie onesie! It was perfect for his day.

I leave you with complete and utter anticipation for the arrival of my 8th (yes 8th!!!) StitchFix box! I can’t wait to show you all tomorrow the pieces I receive. So stop back for #stitchfixfriday 🙂 I don’t know about you but I am horrible when it comes to tracking packages on my phone.  I feel like Christmas morning and I kept hitting the refresh button just to see where my goodies are.  Well folks….it’s out for delivery! If you have never heard of Stitchfix I will explain all about it tomorrow but until then check it out HERE .  I am completely in love with the process, products, idea, customer service, well everything Stitchfix.


Happy Almost Weekend!!!!! 🙂


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