DIY Baby Shower

So I know I have been anyway from my computer lately and have failed to keep up with my blogging.  I have been busy getting ready for school to start and making sure that I get a few dollars to add to my workout jar.  That LuluLemon zip up is sure getting closer and closer! How are you all doing on your workout goals? Remember to start with a reachable goal and have friends and family there to help support you.

Last week I mentioned being busy fulfilling a few Pinterest ideas.  Well today is a blog about DIY baby shower party throwing.  A friend from work is getting to welcome their first child into this world.  I couldn’t be happier for her and her husband and I am so excited to meet this little girl.  Being that she is due in the first month of school, I thought it was best to get everyone together for a celebration and summer get together.  It is weird to think I have not seen some good teaching friends in 2+ months.  WOW does time really fly by.

It just so happens that Pinterest is also a great place to find party planning ideas, who would have thought ;)! There were just so many ideas one click away.  I decided on going for a simple look.  We were having the party in the back room of a local sandwich/coffee shop so having a full out Pink explosion just wouldn’t have fit.   Today’s blog is a two for one, actually maybe 3-in-1.  Decorations plus dessert!

Original Pins: Invitations

The inspiration for the invitations! I looked the idea of bringing a book instead of a card.  Today cards cost just as much as a small book and this way it is just not going to get thrown away.  GENIUS idea! Check out Barnes and Nobles collection of cardboard books, $4.49 for Dr. Seuss board books.  I didn’t exactly use this invitation design though, just the book idea.

Original Pin: Decorations

I loved this idea but wanted to make the decorations apart of her gifts.  I have heard you can’t have enough onesies so I decided to use real ones instead of the paper decorations in the above pinned idea.


I ended up buying a pack of white onesies and pink onesies so that I could alternate them as a hanging banner.  I used pink little close pins that I found at Hobby Lobby in the party decoration aisle for $1.99.

The Process:

I also made a diaper cake to add to the gift turned decoration.  I found so many DIY tutu and headband ideas on Pinterest but unfortunately I didn’t have much time to make one for myself.  From the looks of it, it is super easy and low cost to make your every own baby tutu.  I am in love with these things for little baby girls and photography.  Hobby Lobby sold the headband and tutu together already made but had the exact same materials to make your own as well.  Both the headband and tutu use a silk lattice elastic band.  For the headband you just add flower clips and in any color and size.  For the tutu, you will need to cut about 20 inch strips of tulle and tie them twice with the knots going in both directions through each of the openings in the band.

I used a 36 pack of newborn diapers for the actually base of the cake.  You will take each of the diapers and roll them with the fold going toward with inside, tying them off with a small rubber band.  You don’t need to make sure the rubber band is super tight because otherwise it will indent the diaper.  So just place them around the diaper, no need to double wrap them around.  I did four layers but feel free to do whatever works best.  I made this in my classroom prior to the shower so I didn’t have much to work with and ended up using a roll of paper towels for the base layers and a roll of book-tape for the 3rd layer and just left put a diaper in the middle of the upper layer.  If you had more diapers, you would not need to use such random things in the middle.  Or you could even use baby lotions, shampoos or body wash as inserts.

Original Pin: Dessert

The Process:

I followed the recipe exactly for the cupcakes found at the website above.  This recipe made 36 cupcakes, which was far too many for this type of party.  But the batter was absolutely delicious, I don’t buy into the hole E.coli thing 🙂 (knock on wood).

For the frosting, I had a hard time getting the merengue to set in.  It was so light and fresh tasting but couldn’t leave them out of the frig for more than 30 minutes without them “melting”.  When making the frosting make sure that you continually beat the egg whites and sugar until it is forming thick peaks.  I didn’t use my stand mixer for this part because it was full of cupcake batter so I had to use my hand mixer.  Note: this will take about 10 minutes so using a hand mixer SUCKS.

The Result:

I added a pink diaper pin found at Hobby Lobby for a pack of 50-$1.99.


The cupcakes turned about awesome, besides the melting frosting part.  They were very light and refreshing.  Such a great summer time treat! Just make sure to keep them in the frig until ready to serve, regardless of getting your merengue to work.  Overall, such a fun way to plan and host a baby shower.  It was very personal and the decorations were actually practical instead of buying cheap decorations that are just going to get thrown away.  I would recommend trying to use this inspiration in any type of party you are throwing, not just a baby shower.

Happy Planning 🙂


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