Workout Motivation

At the beginning of the summer I set a goal that before my husband and I started thinking kids, I wanted to be in peak shape.  Doctors tend to say that if you are already active prior to getting pregnant it is easier on your baby to continue to be active during pregnancy, obviously within reason.  In early June I had ordered the workout DVDs Insanity after seeing some amazing results from friends on facebook.  I figured this was a great way to get myself back into space without having to buy a gym membership.  After all, who wants to workout in 100+ degree heat this summer? NOT ME!

I was going strong the first month.  I found the workouts actually enjoyable, I could make it through an entire workout feeling strong and confident, and it was only 30 minutes a day.  I started to see some results but after going to California for a few days and starting month two, I started to fall off the schedule.  For any of you that have tried Insanity know, month 2 is a bitch!  I consider myself in fairly decent shape but found myself not being able to finish a workout.  Plus the DVDs are now an hour long and my knees and ankles are killing me.  Basically I just started to give up.  My motivation literally went out the door and in 3 weeks, I have only done 1.5 weeks worth of work.  😦 I was in desperate need of motivation to get back into the working out routine again and find something that I could do…FAST.  I guess you can find anything on Pinterest and that is how today’s post began.

Original Pin:

The Process:

Now I am still planning on using Insanity 2 to 3 times a week.  I am not completely giving up, I have to get my Insanity T-Shirt! They are a great way to insert a good leg, core and arm workout to your running routine.

At this time last year I was in week 2 of my half marathon training for the Oktoberfest half.  Heck why can’t I try to run this again this year.  So that is actually what I am doing but found myself needing some extra motivation.  It is always nice to have someone or a group of someones to help you reach your fitness goals.  If you read my post yesterday, you know that I am fully equipped with workout headbands but I needed the motivation part (even though the headbands should motivate me for a week or so).  Being that my girlfriend was here this weekend, we both decided this original pin was the perfect way to get in shape.  Cait was really one of my first friends at UWL because we were dating roommates and both members of the track team.  So we have been through a lot together and now we are in this together.  Even though we don’t live in the same state, this was the perfect way to help each other out!

Our fitness motivation:

  • 1 dollar for any workout
  • 1 dollar for eating healthy and within your calorie goal
  • 1 dollar for any additional workouts in the day

We both know what we are planning on buying after the first month, so we can help keep each other on track.  Annnddd this is a great way to keep in contact with each other as well.  Cait is donating hers to her husbands Haiti trip, where he will be treating people with diseases.  Now I feel like I should be doing something this humanitarian but my first thought was LuluLemon workout gear!! I am going to have to kick butt in order to achieve this goal.


I am two days in (I know not long) but I love the feeling of having a workout motivation.  As well as having someone who is on this journey with me.

I would strongly recommend this motivation starter and always a bonus to get to reward yourself with the hard work.  If any of you would like to join in, let me know!  Let’s make this World a more active place. Now get off your computer, phone or IPad and GO WORKOUT!!!!!!! And remember to eat healthy!

Happy Butt Kicking 🙂


One thought on “Workout Motivation

  1. I should do this too! I’ve been craving a new Lululemon zip! My annual half marathon is this Saturday, but we should do one together soon Brit! 🙂

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