DIY Sweaty Bands

I seem to have found a new passion besides just Pinterest and that passion is blogging.  I love that my blog seems to be a joy for some of my closet friends to read.  BIG SHOUT OUT to those of you who read my somewhat daily posts and don’t mind my occasional type-o’s.

So over the summer I have been trying to make my way around the state and neighboring states to visit friends that I may not have seen in awhile.  My mini vacations through out my first summer off as a teacher.  This weekend I was blessed to have one of my best friends from college visiting me.  When she decided she has going to come up with her husband, whom was doing a guys weekend in La Crosse, I received a message A. telling me she was coming into town and B. she had a project to do for my blog.  This made me smile from ear to ear for both of the reasons above.  She informed me that she would like to make these new, “all the craze” workout headbands called “Sweaty Bands” (  Since these headbands sell for an average of $18+ shipping, and that really isn’t reasonable given the fact I was able to find a Pin on how to make your own at home.

Over the weekend we were able to spend time sharing many laughs, girl talks, frustrations, alcohol and just time together.  So whether we were successful or not (guess you will have to read the rest, no spoiler this time), we had an amazing time just being together.

I should note that all of the craze of these “Sweaty Bands” is because they are suppose to not slip when working out.  For those of you who wear headbands or wraps when being active or just because, know that they always seem to not fit your head right (I get headaches) or they completely slip off.

Original Pin:

The Process:

We were able to find a few blogs describing the process but noticed along the way that none showed just how difficult these could be to make.  So here is our “detailed” tutorial of how to make your very own non-slip headbands.

The first round shopping trip to Hancock Fabric  (we may have had some failures along the way):

  • 1/4 yard of velvet (we did red) – $6.75
  • 1 in. blue elastic- $1.11
  • 3/8 in black elastic- $2.79  (this is the type Sweaty Bands use)
  • A plethora of ribbon (they had a 50% off sale).  At this point we didn’t know that the width and type was important so we ended up purchasing 3 different sizes and in texture as well as silky.
  • White tread- $1.95

First, we started off my measuring how big our noggins were.  This number is used to determine how long to cut your ribbon.  The original Pin said to subtract 3 in. from the total length.  I should note that we ended up making two lengths, 3 in. less and also 6 in. less.  This subtraction is to allow for the elastic.  This is up to your preference, I can’t have tight bands around my heads because I tend to get headaches so I found that the 6 in. of elastic was perfect.

Depending on your preference in length (which you may have to try a few), cut your ribbon and elastic.  When cutting your velvet make sure to leave at least 1/4 of an inch on each of the sides to account for any slipping that might occur while sewing.

Because you are flipping the fabric inside-out, make sure that the decorative side of the ribbon is facing the soft side of the velvet.  In between these two pieces will be the elastic.  Make sure when lining everything up, you place the edge of the elastic and the edge of the ribbon over top each other, again leaving that extra 1/4 in on the top side.

Go ahead and start pinning the ribbon down to the velvet.  At this point, you want to make sure that your elastic is still in the middle.  You don’t want to sew it to ribbon or the velvet sides.

The sewer in action! I did one of the bands but my main duties were confined to measuring, cutting, flipping inside-out, ironing, photographer and the occasional screwing everything up.  I was very proud of my one from start to finish.  SHOUT OUT TO my mom and both sisters who sew all of the time and make an array of items.  Guess I missed the sewing gene in the family.

When you are sewing, you only want to sew 3 of the sides.  Make sure that you just don’t choose any 3 sides.   They have to be the side with the elastic and the two long sides.  There needs to be an opening so that you can turn it inside-out.  Note the picture below is different from the first try as we ended up having to trash the first attempt because the .63 in ribbon was too small to turn inside-out.  This is wear our first FYI comes in….only use 1 in and above ribbon.  We found that most ribbon comes in 1.5 inches annnnddd it needs to be texture/lined and NOT SILKY! 

It is now okay to trim off that extra 1/4 in velvet you may have on all your sides.  This will help the headband lay flat on your head.

So after you have the 3 sides are done you will need to flip the band inside-out.  I started my placing my finger on the closed side and gently working the velvet and ribbon down.  Once I had a good starting point, I switched to a knife sharpener.  I know what some of you might be think…”random” right? Well this is really all we could find that had a rounded edge (you don’t want to push throw the closed edge) and that was longer enough to fit the length of the band.

At this point, you will want to iron your headbands flat.  Make sure that the heat is at a medium to low setting otherwise you will burn/discolor the ribbon.  Yes this happened to the headband on the left (leopard).  Let’s just say we didn’t have the best odds with the leopard print.  I believe we were 2 out of 5.

As shown in the picture above, ironing will nicely flatten out the band and allow you to make the velvet not show along the sides.  The leopard band is prior to iron/burning and the one on the right is flattened out.

Place about 1/4 in elastic inside of the open edge and sew this closed.  VIOLA! You will now have yourself your very own Sweaty Band.  We ended up with 32!

I am going to switch around my blog a bit today….


Overall, we had a few failures and lessons along the way.  I am hoping that because we had failures, it will mean that you are that much more successful in your attempts to make these DIY headbands.  I loved every minute of this project and I am in love with the plethora of colors and patterns I now have.  Both of us walked away with two of every pattern, one for sweaty and one for fashion.

As noted before make sure that you purchase 1 in+ ribbon that is textured/lined and not silky.  We ended up going on a second shopping trip to purchase more ribbon after our first few failed because of type and size of the ribbon.  I guess you live and learn.  We also found the holy grail of ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  They too were having a 50% off sale on ribbon.  We had to drag each other out of the ribbon section.  I swear people probably thought we were crazy because I am sure all they could hear was “oh I like this one”..”oh look at this one”…”OMG this one is my favorite”…”This will look soooo cute”.  We were a little ridiculous, in a good way. Hobby Lobby also had thicker velvet, which turned out to be easier to sew and overall better quality than found at Hancock.

Play around with colors of ribbon, velvet and even the elastic.  Oh and alcohol may not be the best when making these, or then again maybe not!

The Result:

Total Cost= $37.34 (two shopping trips) and around 6 hours total. We cut the time down a lot per headband as we got better at the process.  If you just make one, I would say 30 minutes starting out.

This means only $1.17 per headband, so far.  Because we had plenty of supplies left over. Pretty good DIY project considering we saved ~$20 per headband and you can’t put a price on friends bonding! ❤ ya Cait!

We have both used these now to workout and neither of us had to readjust them while working out.  This means we can officially market our bands as SUPA non-slip Sweat Bands! Cait also received plenty of complements of our DIY headbands by the original wearers of Sweaty Bands and the reason why we ventured into making these.

Oh and if you want to place your order, let me know 😉

Happy Sweating 🙂


7 thoughts on “DIY Sweaty Bands

    • Oh for sure! She would love them and you can have her pick out the ribbon colors, velvet color and even elastic! Let me know if you need any help along the way and for sure send me pictures if you do!

    • They are awesome for sweat. We just bought the thicker stuff at the fabric store. Just make sure it is a higher quality. They actually make velvet ribbon which would have made it way easier. Hope that helps.

  1. I make hair ties and my sister wanted me to see if I could make these, but since I don’t have a sewing machine I’m going to go with no. I notice at the end you mentioned taking orders. So, my question is how much will you sell these for? I’m sure she and her friends would buy some.

  2. I would think that if you buy ribbon and velvet ribbon the same size, you could either stitch them together or glue them together and then add the elastic! I’ve been wearing headbands and sewing for years and that seems the easiest and neatest solution to me!

  3. HEY ladies! I just bought a sweaty band because i am one of the MANY who cannot find anything to fit my head without falling out. Anyways if you wonderful ladies are serious about selling your product I would be intrested as long as they dont cost $16.00 each 🙂 My email is if you would like to get back to me. Have a good day

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