Kenny Chesney CD is back in business!

So yesterday I had tried fixing scratched CDs using a banana, just like I had found on Pinterest.  I was bummed out when the banana remedy didn’t work not only once but twice.  I think it is safe to say that fixing scratches with bananas was unsuccessful.  It didn’t just not work but it completely made the CD unplayable to my car CD player.  I was not too sad that my Kenny Chesney and Britni’s Mix 1 didn’t work anymore, I was just annoyed by the fact people were claiming that it had worked.  I mean, it completely ruined my CDs!

Well today I decided to try yet another home remedy to fix my scratched up CDs.  I know I pretty much ruined the rest of today’s blog by the name, but I guess you will have to keep reading in order to figure out just HOW I did it. 🙂

Original Pin:

The Process:

If you search “fixing scratched CDs” on Pinterest, you will get a few results claiming that using Crest Kids Toothpaste will remove the scratches.  Well there really is no difference between adult toothpaste and kids toothpaste so I decided to purchase Colgate Total toothpaste.  The main thing you want to make sure is that the toothpaste is an actual paste and not a gel.  I ended up finding the travel size version for $.97 at Target.

Dab a little of the paste around the CD and when I say A LITTLE, I mean A LITTLE.  I placed waaaayyy to much on the CD originally and this would have taken me forever to rub into the CD.

I had read conflicting results about the direction you are suppose to apply the paste so I just did them both.  I started off by working the paste from inside of the CD toward the outside, making my way around the entire base.  I then worked the paste around more by moving my fingers in a circular action and then back to in and out.   This process took me about 3 minutes to work the paste until it became very dry feeling.

Since this was a store bought CD and not the burnable cover, I was able to run it under water in order to remove the toothpaste.  I dried the CD using a cotton cloth and made my way out to my car again to see if this pin had a shot at working, I guess anything is better than unplayable.

The Result:

Well since there was a spoil alert earlier in the blog, you reading at home realize that I was successful in my attempt to make my CDs playable.  The songs that skipped “minorly” prior to the banana remedy played through perfectly.  There was a deep scratch in the CD that was made by my husband’s knife idea.  At first this song skipped right at the beginning of the song and had a delay in playing.  I ended up skipping that song and came back to it once the CD had warmed up inside the player.  To my surprise, the song actually work with a minor skip!


This was definitely a 100% improvement from my pinadvise yesterday.  I would recommend this to anyone that is annoyed with minor skipping of their DVDs and CDs.  I say minor because this is not meant to completely remove scratches that are deeply etched into the surface.  Those gouges are not meant to be completely fixed, just temporary filled enough to help you watch/listen to the disks.  My only advice is to make sure you apply moderate pressure on the CD while you are bluffing out the scratches! And don’t run burnable CDs completely under water.

Happy Fixing 🙂


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