Crock-Pot Pork and Potatoes

So if you can’t tell from the number of crock-pot recipes that I have blogged about, I am all about easy.  I don’t think you can ever have too many recipes.  Today’s blog is not something that I found the exact recipe for on Pinterest, it is a combination of a few recipes all put together.  And let me tell you, this combination is to die for! Absolutely delicious and is a must try.

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DIY Baby Shower

So I know I have been anyway from my computer lately and have failed to keep up with my blogging.  I have been busy getting ready for school to start and making sure that I get a few dollars to add to my workout jar.  That LuluLemon zip up is sure getting closer and closer! How are you all doing on your workout goals? Remember to start with a reachable goal and have friends and family there to help support you.

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DIY Chalkboard Paint

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that I had been a busy bee accomplishing little pinning projects.  Looking back at it, I think I went to Target 4 times and Kwik Trip once.  WOW! I must have just looked like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  I am sure the people at Target were wondering if I was stealing things on my trips in and out.  Nope, I am just a forgetful person and I tend to not write things down on lists (good think I live a mile away).  I really need to start making lists because you don’t want to see me at the grocery store.  I am always going from one end of the store to the other, never remembering what we REALLY need.  Anyways, all together I was able to successfully create 4 things new, which means…4 new blogs! 🙂 In the end, it was all worth it.  I now have a new Crock-Pot recipe, a new cupcake recipe, the cutest party decorations and a new DIY project.

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Busy Bee

So today was a day filled with Pins! I was able to accomplish 3 pins. Sometime it is not the accomplishing that takes all the work, it is the blogging afterwards. I am in the process of getting ready for a friends baby shower tomorrow so I am going to step away from my computer with all you pinadvised readers hanging. I will say I was able to create 1 recipe, 1 party idea and 1 art project! Guess you will have to check back tomorrow for a full report.

Happy Hump Day 🙂

Workout Motivation

At the beginning of the summer I set a goal that before my husband and I started thinking kids, I wanted to be in peak shape.  Doctors tend to say that if you are already active prior to getting pregnant it is easier on your baby to continue to be active during pregnancy, obviously within reason.  In early June I had ordered the workout DVDs Insanity after seeing some amazing results from friends on facebook.  I figured this was a great way to get myself back into space without having to buy a gym membership.  After all, who wants to workout in 100+ degree heat this summer? NOT ME!

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DIY Sweaty Bands

I seem to have found a new passion besides just Pinterest and that passion is blogging.  I love that my blog seems to be a joy for some of my closet friends to read.  BIG SHOUT OUT to those of you who read my somewhat daily posts and don’t mind my occasional type-o’s.

So over the summer I have been trying to make my way around the state and neighboring states to visit friends that I may not have seen in awhile.  My mini vacations through out my first summer off as a teacher.  This weekend I was blessed to have one of my best friends from college visiting me.  When she decided she has going to come up with her husband, whom was doing a guys weekend in La Crosse, I received a message A. telling me she was coming into town and B. she had a project to do for my blog.  This made me smile from ear to ear for both of the reasons above.  She informed me that she would like to make these new, “all the craze” workout headbands called “Sweaty Bands” (  Since these headbands sell for an average of $18+ shipping, and that really isn’t reasonable given the fact I was able to find a Pin on how to make your own at home.

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Crock-Pot Beef Stroganoff

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to find more and more Crock-Pot recipes so that cooking in this summer heat seems bearable.  Most Crock-Pot recipes are so ridiculously easy and only require a few steps.  Now, that is mine kind of cooking….just throw ingredients into a slow cooker and BAM, it does all the magic for you.  You don’t even need to thaw the meat, brown the meat or keep adjusting the stove to make sure the temperature is right.  This little wonder does it all for you.

Original Pin:

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