Fixing scratched DVDs/CDs

If you are anything like me, you have plenty of scratched CD’s that when popped into your CD player they are barely listenable.  I often times will be driving some where and want to listen to the NOW CD’s (especially 1), sweet mixed CD’s from high school or the classic 80’s music (Roxette’s “Look Sharp” CD is my fav!).  Long before IPods were created we had a thing called CD cases or slits.  Well I don’t think these actually did a very good job of protecting them because I feel like every CD I own now skips at some point along the 13+ tracks.  So when I originally saw this pin on Pinterest I was very excited to see if it would actually work.  I have been reading a lot of conflicting statements from people whom have tried this.  I was very hesitant to buy into anything this good…..

BTW I am sorry to those who know Roxette’s classic song, Dangerous, and may now have that in their head 🙂

Original Pin:

The Process:

I first started by finding a CD that had been scratched (wasn’t hard to find) and that was skipping.  I don’t own a CD player anymore so I was sitting in my car, in the garage and in 100+ degrees outside listening to old school CDs.  My husband walked out to the garage with a knife in hand asking me why I just didn’t scratch one myself.  COME ON BRAD! Lol, that would just take the fun out of it.  I found many CDs that were scratched but I wanted to see if this Pin would work on the skipping, so I had to listen to songs until they skipped.  I lucked out and found a CD that skipped on song #2.

I took a fresh cut banana and worked it around the CD, making sure to cover all the scratched areas.  I went around the CD around 20 times in total using both circular and linear motions.

I rinsed and dried the CD in order to remove the banana residue.  As I was rinsing the banana residue off the banana, I noticed that cover started to peel off.  Apparently when you use burnable CDs, the top starts to come off when water is applied.  This ended up taking this pin from total awesomeness to total suckiness!  I tried to put it in the CD player just to see what would happen and the entire CD would not work.  WARNING: DO NOT DO!

But….I just couldn’t stop at something failing once so I found another CD that was scratched and skipping.  This time I found another “fixing CD/DVD with banana” pin on Pinterest.  This one had a slight different approach.

This time I used a CD that was not burnable and cleaned it with glass cleaner instead of water.

The Process #2:

  • rubbed the CD with a freshly cut banana the same way as above
  • used the inside of the peel to buff the CD (note the picture above)
  • used a clean, cotton cloth to rub in the banana until the banana was dry (around 1-2 mins)
  • used Windex to clean off the CD of all banana residue
  • placed in CD player


The Result:

The CD again stopped working all together.  I ended up trying to clean the CD again and again to make sure the banana was not the cause.


DON’T TRY THIS PIN! All together 2 times was not the charm nor do I want to try this again and ruin another CD.  But, I will be trying the pin with using Crest Kids Toothpaste. I will let you know how that one goes!


Happy Tuesday 🙂


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