Free IPod Speakers

For the past few days, I have been busy painting the our laundry room before our new ones arrive tomorrow.  Painting is how I stumbled across today’s blog post.  So while I was painting I was jamming out to Pandora on my computer, then as I am about to start painting the top edge, the computer went dead! AGH!  I tend to listen to music on my computer because it is generally loader than my IPhone speakers.  As I climbed down the ladder I remembered a Pin that I had seen on Pinterest about using a bowl or cup as an amplifer of sound.


Original Pin:


Instead of searching for the computer charger, I grabbed a glass sitting on the corner and turned on my IPhone Pandora.  I was pleasently surprised by the sound it put out.  However, the music was a tad muffled.  Notice from the picture that is was a smaller glass with a narrow top.  I ended up switching to a ceramic bowl.  This produced a much better sound quality.


AWESOME!! So next time you are doing house work, office work or anything that you need a little jams, no need for speakers…just find a glass or bowl.

Happy Thursday 🙂

Oh and back to my last post……look what I bought myself!

Happy birthday to me 🙂


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