DIY TOMS sandals

I absolutely love my TOMS but over the past 3 years I have started to see them fade and go through basic wear and tear.  I rarely wear them anymore because of holes in the toes and hate to see them just sitting in my closet.  Fortunately, I was able to stumble across this Pin off of a girlfriend’s board on Pinterest.  I loved the look of the DIY TOMS sandals seen in the original pin but the link from Pinterest doesn’t show how to make these, just has a picture.  Buuuuttttttt……I was able to take the picture and my TOMS and turn them into TOMS sandals.

Original Pin:

The Process:

I started off by taking the picture I found on Pinterest and copying the cut lines onto my TOMS using a white colored pencil.    You will need to rub the pencil back and forth multiple times to make sure you can see the marks.  Note the cut lines are along the seams but make sure to leave some room along them.

After making the cuts, using plain kitchen scissors, the lines are fairly straight.  I used the edge of the scissors to give it a distressed look.  You can leave it however you prefer, but I wanted to make them look as close to the original as possible.  In the picture below, I made two different looks to the shoes.  The picture is much like Where’s Waldo…can you spot the difference?

I had made the shoe on the right first so that is how the cuts had to turn out but wanted to play around with the option of more fabric around the joint of the big toe.  I personally like the cut on the left shoe.  The shoe on the left is also before I distressed the cut lines as well.

The Final Look:

Time: 30 minutes (I was also watching the interviews with Emily and Jef!!)

Cost: $0 (if you have old TOMS that is)  I guess now I have a reason to buy new ones so….$55?


If you have old TOMS that are just sitting in your closet it is worth a try.  You can play around with however you want them to look.  I don’t know how/when to wear these but I am sure they will work well as a slip-ons around the house as well as the beach.

Make sure to cut the inner lining out when you are making your sandals.  I had left the white elephant lining until I noticed it hung out along the cuts.  Also, be careful when cutting the squares out along the sides.

Happy DIYing 🙂


3 thoughts on “DIY TOMS sandals

    • Jamy,
      Thanks for the follow and comment! Not so sure this design would work for a guy. But you could definitely play around with the design for the sandal look. Let me know if you end up making a pair!

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