Get the look for less!

So I feel like DIY projects are not limited to just household projects but also outfits! Today’s post made me literally jump up and down at finding the pieces of the outfit and not only finding the pieces but at a price that fit my budget.

Original Pin:

I loved this pin, probably one of my favorite looks. It is something you can wear as casual or dressy. Like most pins of super cute cloths, you can never find them or that they are ridicously expensive! I was officially on the hunt for this look for less….

The finds:

The shoes- Target $14.99

The skirt-Sears 24.00 (I got this skirt in the store for 30% off)

The shirt- any white tank top (I found mine at Sears for $2.79). Just buy one size bigger from what you normally wear. The baggy look is in.

The belt- Micheal’s black ribbon $2.99. I just wrap it around twice and tie a bow!


The accessories- brown clutch that I had and bracelets from Express.

I wish this was a better picture of the outfit because it is super cute! Unfortunately, my husband left on a business trip and took the computer charger so I am left with blogging from my cellphone. This also means I have to use my cellphone for pictures as well. I hope you can get the picture!

Happy Shopping 🙂


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