Tin Foil AAA batteries=AA??

This weekend was a very relaxing and enjoyable one at that! My husband and I traveled to northern WI to spend some quality time with my dad’s side of the family.  Most of my aunts and uncles, grandpa and grandma, cousins and their spouses and now second cousins were in attendance.  It is something special when a family can all get together.  My grandparents own a farm in Bruce, WI which is a very, very small town.  It is one of those small towns that country singers talk about, minus being in the south.  Anyways, family truly means the world to me because we have grown up together on the family farm and now the second cousins, even if only babies, are starting to enjoy their time on the farm together as well.

***Have to give credit to my cousin for his creative/amazing photography skills.  This picture previews the annual family bags tourney noted in yesterday’s blog.***

So because I was spending most of the weekend with my family, I was unable to really take on a large Pinterest project.  Today’s pin is currently very popular in the amount of repins and posts it is receiving, and my parents had all of the necessary materials handy.  Which is a first because growing up it seems like we were always running out of batteries for our electronics.  It turned out to be a perfect little pin project so I set out to see if this could POSSIBLY be true.

Original Pin:


The Process: 

First, I was on the hunt to find something that took AA batteries.  The subject: my dad’s prized temperature gauge.  Please note the outdoor temperature (reason why to come).

Replaced the 3 AA batteries with AAA ones and added aluminium foil to the + end of the batteries.

WALLAH! It worked but…….look again at the outdoor temperature region.  There is no longer a reading from the sensor outside.  This above picture was taken a day after this pin was tried and after repeated attempts by my father to reset the sensor, nothing seems to be working.  My only conclusion is that I may have shorted something out with the use of foil.  I guess I owe my parents a new temperature gauge due to my Pinterest addiction.  😦


I know we all deal with the frustrations of running out of batteries but my pinadvice is to suck it up and run to the store to purchase new ones.  This may be used as a quick fix for a screaming kid that desperately needs their toy to run but might not be worth the headache of purchasing a new toy if it were to short out.  Also, because the AAA batteries are smaller than the AA ones, there was considerable movement just flipping the gauge over to see if it worked.  If this Pinterest quick trick is going to be used on something that is not going to be stationary, NOT WORTH THE HASSLE of the constant readjustment of the batteries in order to make the object work.  Hope this helps!

Happy Sunday!


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