Beer Bottle Glass

Okay…so I first saw this pin and really didn’t know what to make of it.  Being a science teacher, I tend to question a majority of the “home” remedies out there (main culprit is Pinterest). I will get into many more of these hesitations I have but not all in one day, I have to try and have a life! Which I don’t know if that is possible now with this blog.

Soooo….let’s get right to it.  I loved seeing this pin the other day posted by a friend.  Although not sure if I would ever be able to find a beer bottle in my house (blahahahaha we do live in Wisconsin).  I figured this would be a must try for a piece that could serve as a conversation started in the future.  However, thinking about it…….that conversation would again start like so many of my other convos go, “OMG! I found this on Pinterest”.  All of that aside here is my verdict on the beer bottle glass pin.

Original Pin:

The process:

I started with a Red Stripe bottle.  Please note that this bottle is dark and made of a thicker glass.  I went through the process of trying to get this pin to work but was unsuccessful!  You are more than welcome to try this process which I will give you my step by step guide, I just don’t think given the dark/thick glass of the bottle it was in the cards to create a Red Stripe glass.  Just because I failed this time doesn’t mean that the experiment should be thrown out immediately (I try to get my students to understand this).  Time to go back to the drawing board and revisit my hypothesis as to why this didn’t work, the whole dark/thick glass thing.  Like in my classroom, “what should I do next in this experiment?” At this point I would most likely be getting a lot of blank stares from my students or the dreaded question “well Mrs. Walz, what SHOULD WE do?”  Well since you are not my students……….

I decided to try using a clear/thinner glass bottle.  We currently do not have a clear beer bottles at our house so it is a good thing that my husband and I headed up north Wisconsin for a weekend full of family fun.  As a family we pride ourselves on being able to drink beer, belch, talk loudly and hold awesome bead bag tournaments.  Which I should add my husband and I are currently the family champions.  It was an act of the blogging gods that my cousin happen to be drinking a Corona, which this pin had originally used as a medium.


First they emptied the bottle (didn’t take much convincing). Found some yarn and put it in a group of 3.  Was able to wrap the group of yarn around the bottle 5 times.  Slip the yarn off the bottle and soak in a small glass of fingernail polish remover.  I waited a few seconds to make sure that the yarn was completely saturated with the polish remover and then rewrap the yarn around the bottle.  I made sure to fill up the sink with ice cold water, this changes the temperature of the glass rapidly and allows the glass to break cleanly.  Before any glass can break I had to take a lighter to the yarn and acetone to help heat up the glass.  I spun the bottle around 20 times and smudged it in the ice water.

*****Note the double cut below and above the yarn*****

This time it worked!

The black marks wiped right off with water.


I am happy that I kept with this pin instead of informing you that it was unsuccessful.  There are a few things that I would have changed.

1. Make sure the yarn is not very thick.  I tripled the yarn plus wrapped it around the bottle 5 times and as an end result the bottle broke on top and below the yarn (notes the picture above in the water).

2. Start with clear glass.

3. Try multiple times.

4. Have sandpaper on hand to smooth down the edges so your guests can actually drink from your newest pinned creation!

Happy Drinking 🙂


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