Silver Wall Mirror

Today’s pin is one that can be found on a few of my recent pins on Pinterest. I absolutely fell in love with the silver wall mirror in the photo below but then again who wouldn’t? This look has become very popular recently and looking through the app houzz (equally as addicting for homeowners as Pinterest), it seems very evident that I MUST HAVE this look! My husband and I have a gray room and a white duvet cover, so I figured we could make it look like the gorg photo taken by Ashlee Bauch Photography.

Original Pin:

After doing some research online I found a silver wall mirror, and many like it on, but was not about to spend $166! Again, back to the premature heart attack and my husband, I may be sensing a common theme to these blog posts.



The inspiration:


I ended up finding this wall mirror at home depot for $35!! What a steal…….but I hasn’t a fan of the gold look in our already gray bedroom so I decided to purchase Rust-Oleum: hammered spray paint (could go with silver or metallic as well….even leave it gold)-$5.98.


The process:

The mirror easily popped out so all that was needed to do was to spray the frame down. I only put one coat of spray paint on and let dry for 45 minutes.


Total time: 45 minutes







***I feel like I should mention that the headboard of our bed is also a DIY project***


I am very pleased with the outcome of this pin. Although at first it was a big change to get use to something over top our bed. I would recommend a silver or metallic paint instead of the hammered color, it almost makes it too dark.

The next few blogs……. So my husband and I have our one year anniversary coming up and with this special occasion and the amount of AWESOME ideas on Pinterest, I will be doing a blog on Monday about all the cool things to do for your one year anniversary (that maybe a long one)!!  The theme of my blog is obviously trying new things on Pinterest, soooooo after looking at all of the amazing ideas I will be picking one.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below, also if you want to see some of the options follow me @ britni walz.

Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Silver Wall Mirror

  1. Hi! How did you hang this up? I got the exact same martha stewart sunburst mirror and it felt SO unsafe to leave on my wall above my bed! Did you just use one long nail?

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